the universe project

Below is a set of downloadable scores of the songs and orchestral parts. There are both Sibelius scores with recordings that can be opened using the 'Scorch' plug-in and also pdf files of the printable scores. (There is a link to the free Scorch download if you do not have this plug-in. If you are on a Mac the Scorch plug-in will work on Safari or Firefox but not Internet Explorer)
Copyright: this material is free for anyone to download strictly for non-commercial, not-for-profit use.Please acknowledge Footloose as the source if you are using it for public performance. If you have any queries please contact us at email

Beware the law of gravity. (Silelius file)

Beware the law of gravity.(pdf)

Earth bubbles with life choir and piano (Sibelius file)

Earth bubbles with life Section One. Full orchestra (Sibelius file)

Earth bubbles with life Section Two. Full orchestra (Sibelius file)

Earth bubbles with life Section One (pdf)

Earth bubbles with life Section Two (pdf)

Stardust for choir and piano

Stardust for choir and orchestra

Stardust (pdf)

Hear the sea for choir and piano

Hear the Sea (pdf)

A medley of rounds for choir and piano

A medley of rounds (pdf)

Lament for choir and piano. A song written with the Mornese over 60s social club in Oxford.

Lament Section One (pdf)